Deep In Sight unveils groundbreaking AI-powered 3D depth sensing solutions at CommunicAsia 2023
Deep In Sight unveils groundbreaking AI-powered 3D depth sensing solutions at CommunicAsia 2023
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  • Showcasing In-Cabin Monitoring solution and Volume Management System which are Deep-In-Sight's cutting-edge 3D Sensing solutions at CommunicAsia 2023
  • Deep-In-Sight's solutions are expected to meet the diverse demands in the growing global robotics, mobility, and smart factory sectors.

SEOUL, South Korea, June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Deep-In-Sight, a leading developer of full-stack 3D depth sensing technology with artificial intelligence in Korea, announced today that it will showcase AI-powered 3D sensing solutions for robotics, mobility, smart factories, smart logistics and digital twins at CommunicAsia 2023.

Deep-In-Sight’s In-Cabin Monitoring Solution

Deep-In-Sight is making waves with its cutting-edge solutions, the In-Cabin Monitoring System (ICMS) and Volume Management System (VMS). Leveraging its expertise in Time-of-Flight (ToF) cameras and volume measurement technology, Deep-In-Sight has introduced a groundbreaking AI-powered 3D vehicle interior monitoring system.

By combining deep learning algorithms with compact smart 3D cameras, ICMS tackles critical issues like driver drowsiness, distracted driving, and decreased concentration, thus enhancing road safety. What sets Deep-In-Sight's solution apart is its remarkable facial recognition accuracy, even in challenging conditions like low-light environments or when the driver is wearing glasses. Tier 1 suppliers, OEMs, and professionals in the mobility industry have been captivated by the system's attention to passenger safety and convenience, making it a standout in the market.

Deep-In-Sight’s VMS Solution: DIV-VS-Silo

In the realm of smart factories and intelligent logistics, where advanced 3D sensor technology is essential, Deep-In-Sight's 3D ToF cameras and Volume Measurement System (VMS) have caught the attention of industry experts. Particularly, its specialized solution known as DIV-VS-SILO caters to logistics, distribution, inventory management, digital twin, and interior sectors. The system offers contactless volume measurement capabilities, enabling accurate measurements on uneven surfaces and various terrains. Its real-time inventory management optimization is a game-changer. Notably, the system's ability to measure wide surface areas differentiates it from competitors.

Deep-In-Sight's proprietary ToF cameras go beyond the capabilities of conventional models, boasting an extended range and wider field of view. This versatility makes them perfect for applications such as recognizing workers' movements and facilitating robotic arm-based bin-picking technology. The industry is buzzing with anticipation for what Deep Insight will unveil next.

"Deep-In-Sight is thrilled to bring a state-of-the-art AI-powered 3D sensing technology to mobility, robotics, and smart factory industries," said Lucas Oh, CEO of Deep-In-Sight. He added, "We aim to strengthen the competitiveness of our AI-based 3D sensing solutions, swiftly respond to the growing demand in the international mobility and robotics markets, and leap forward as a next-generation global 3D sensing solution company that grows hand in hand with the market."

Since its establishment in 2020, Deep-In-Sight has been at the forefront of combining cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology with 3D sensing capabilities. Deep-In-Sight has developed specialized cameras and related solutions that can measure the various forms and volumes of objects. Deep-In-Sight will showcase their new lines of AI-powered 3D sensing solutions at the upcoming CES 2024, booth No. 9269 on January 9 to 12 at Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada, U.S.

About Deep-In-Sight Co.,Ltd

Deep-In-Sight is redefining how 3D sensing technology and data-driven artificial intelligence can be used and applied to power smart automation. At the heart of Deep-In-Sight's smart automation solution is its proprietary AI-driven approach to developing AI-powered 3D camera solutions.

Founded in 2020, Deep-In-Sight combines AI technology with optical technology to develop innovative products and technologies that capture the market's attention.

We are developing Driving Monitoring System, In-Cabin Monitoring System, Volume management system using 3D time of flight (ToF) cameras and AI technology. With its industry-leading 3D sensing technology and Deep Learning technology, Deep-In-Sight is leading the global enablement of new smart algorithms and modules to realize automation efficiency in various fields, from smart factories to smart cities, autonomous vehicles, mobility, electric cars, robotics, defense, and security services. 

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