Participating in Daesung Smart Hive CES 2023
Participating in Daesung Smart Hive CES 2023
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- Unveiling new technologies such as Smartbeekeeping System

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Daesung Smart Hive will participate in the world's largest information technology (IT) exhibition "CES 2023" to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center next month and unveil new beekeeping-related products.

Participating in Daesung Smart Hive CES 2023

CES 2023 will take place from January 5 to 8 in Las Vegas, Nevada with a deeper focus on sustainability.

"I'm proud to participate this year, following last year. We will continue to introduce new ways for all consumers to enjoy the best beekeeping experience possible." said Jung Hyuk, CEO of Daesung SmartHive.

Hornet Trap, an eco-friendly ESG product, is a product that can be installed at the entrance of each individual hive to safely protect the hive by using the habit of wasp without using a separate attraction such as fermentation liquid. Because wasps can be caught without having to reside in beekeepers, it can reduce the time required for capture, labor, and other costs for purchasing pest control products.

The new Hornet Trap is scheduled to be funded in the first half of 2023 through crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and Indigo.

In the case of conventional wasp capture, it adversely affects the natural ecosystem by attracting and killing all insects around the bee farm, not only wasps selectively attracting

The smart beekeeping system uses special materials such as flexible carbon-based heating elements to provide similar effects to heat sources generated from bees, and can greatly help maintain the growth environment of bees through effects such as far-infrared rays. The system is a smart beekeeping device that enables integrated management of honeybee growth environments in dozens to hundreds of beehives, including automatic specifiers, water supply control, and internal bee environment settings through apps.

In addition, Daesung is promoting international joint R&D projects with Spanish beekeepers. It is preparing to enter overseas markets through ODA projects with Uzbekistan. Companies or countries interested in the smart beekeeping business should contact Daesung at any time.

About Daesung Co., Ltd.

Daesung Co., Ltd., a leader in smart agriculture, has products and technologies that can solve long-term preservation problems such as air environment pollution, livestock odor, and agricultural product corruption as well as beekeeping automation. As an automatic agricultural machinery manufacturing and software (SW) development company, Daesung plans to introduce reliable technologies, automated agricultural machinery for beekeeping, and robots for beekeeping so that non-professionals and beginners can easily beekeeping.To discover more, please visit the Smarthive Homepage at

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