EdHeroes Leadership Program takes the educational field by storm
EdHeroes Leadership Program takes the educational field by storm
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TRIESEN, Liechtenstein, Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- According to UNESCO's Global Education Monitoring Report 2024/2025, leadership lies at the core of quality education, development and progress. EdHeroes launched its Leadership Program at GESS Dubai to address gaps in education, entrepreneurship, relationships, and interpersonal development.

EdHeroes swung into action with the launch of their Certification and Leadership programs, aimed to redefine the educational landscape.


In business, best leadership practices change constantly; the educational sphere is no different, but most agree that quality leadership is a cornerstone for ensuring high productivity, creativity and consistent positive outcomes. Leadership does not limit itself to one industry; rather, by seeing patterns across different fields, we can merge them into a universal guide that could better withstand time.

Dr. Osama Obeidat, the CEO of Queen Rania Teacher Academy and EdHeroes Advisory Board member, discusses the pivotal role of leadership in fostering effective teaching methodologies and cultivating holistic student development. At the GESS Dubai Conference Dr. Osama said: "The future starts in the classroom. It is important to build all these capabilities and skills as early as possible. We believe change can't happen without having the school leaders onboard." The entire session can be viewed here.

Starting in the classroom, all the way through university and into adulthood - leadership is what separates those who are looking up to someone and those being looked up to. At the conference, a program that was based on best innovative practices in the industry was launched: The EdHeroes Leadership Program. Combining entrepreneurial and educational approaches it helps boost individuals holistically, whether working in corporate or taking off on their own. To support leadership and impact-driven organizations, EdHeroes created a Certification initiative for educational programs, which can be viewed here.

EdHeroes encourages people to become leaders and promote leadership for their well-being and the prosperity of entire communities. Leadership is not formed in isolation but through creating chains of human experience and operating synchronously with a mutual goal in mind. One of the program's innovative visions is creating communities that operate similarly to how educational institutions were intended to be operated and how many billion-dollar modern organizations operate - the concept of City-Universities, a progression from Company-Universities, thereupon Country-Universities. These institutions focus not solely on education but on building well-rounded individuals, emphasizing effective communication and a vision that speaks to dreamers, creating opportunities, and aiming for a future where every learner shines and every leader drives change.



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