Zoomlion Delivers 200 units of Equipment to Australia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Indonesia
Zoomlion Delivers 200 units of Equipment to Australia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Indonesia
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CHANGSHA, China, Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Committed to a localization strategy of bringing the best products and services to global consumers, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. ("Zoomlion") continues to explore its business opportunities in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Europe and recently delivered over 200 units of equipment to Australia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Indonesia. 

Zoomlion has sent off more than 40 units of large-tonnage excavators, 40 units of the all-new G Series excavators, and 50 concrete mixer trucks. The superior product performance and adaptability to multiple working conditions have made Zoomlion's equipment products a top choice among construction contractors. 

"This is the first time Chinese concrete mixer trucks are exported to the Australian market. The model was developed on the basis of thorough market research and an in-depth understanding of the local working conditions and practical needs of the customers. The product highlights cutting-edge design, comprehensive functionality, superior performance, sleek appearance, high safety and reliability, convenient maneuverability, as well as comfortable operating experience," said Ouyang Wenzhi, general manager of Zoomlion's mixer truck business unit

Zoomlion emphasizes localization as the core of its business operation and continually integrates R&D, product development, operation management, and services into local economic and social development. In addition to building a professional and practical localized talent teams who are highly efficient, Zoomlion customizes, adapts, and upgrades the products per the local working conditions to create greater value for the local customers. 

The structurally reliable and functionally excelling mid- to large-tonnage excavators delivered to Saudi Arabia and Turkey this time are very popular. The best-selling models, such as ZE215G and ZE335G were produced from Zoomlion's advanced intelligent manufacturing production lines with intelligent, digital, and green technologies, boasting significant improvements in fuel consumption, efficiency, and maneuverability while adapting smoothly to the local working conditions. 

Zoomlion's continuous efforts in operation localization and extensive experiences in serving and supporting major projects are bringing more new opportunities to the international market. It is expanding and deepening the layout in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia and Turkey, as well as Indonesia and more countries, to launch diversified products that provide all-around construction solutions. 

Zoomlion aims to further elevate its advantages of high operational efficiency, safety and reliability, low consumption, and strong adaptability while building an integrated service network to drive development in overseas markets.


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