VIRNECT slashes prices in Q2 to make XR accessible to individuals and small businesses.
VIRNECT slashes prices in Q2 to make XR accessible to individuals and small businesses.
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SEOUL, South Korea, March 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- VIRNECT, an XR-based Knowledge Management System provider, has launched a promotion to remove entry barriers to XR technology and democratize digital transformation. With this initiative, VIRNECT hopes to bring XR efficiencies to a broader audience previously limited to large corporations and public institutions.

This promotion will cover:

  • XR collaboration tool: VIRNECT Remote.
  • No-coding XR instructions creation studio: VIRNECT Make.
  • XR content visualization tool VIRNECT View.

Extended reality (XR) technology has substantially improved efficiency in many industries. In fact, XR technology can reduce accidents by up to 70% by helping workers better identify risks and train in safer environments. This technology also has the potential to reduce inspection costs by up to 90% by generalizing expert knowledge across organizations. However, despite the accelerated adoption, the price has been a barrier to entry for some companies trying to reap the benefits of the technology. In fact, according to experts, the cost of this technology is still one of the main barriers to mass adoption.

With that in mind, VIRNECT launched a promotion to democratize access to technology. This promotion allows users to access and deploy a plug-and-play solution on their current devices. Tim Ha, CEO of VIRNECT, stated that "cost has been a barrier for some companies to adapt XR solutions" and added, "we hope that many companies experience the benefits of XR-based collaboration and XR content on their phones, tablets, and smart glasses, using this public cloud-based solution."

VIRNECT will offer a ready-to-use XR solution starting at $30 per month.This promotion offers access to their multiparty XR collaboration tool VIRNECT Remote for $30 per month, including unlimited connection time and up to six users connected simultaneously. On the other hand, VIRNECT Make, a no-code XR content creation tool, will be available for $30 per month, with 20GB of cloud storage. In addition, the XR experiences can be visualized for free with VIRNECT View.

This promotional pricing will be maintained through the second quarter of 2023, adding to the offer of free XR content production, aiming to make it accessible to anyone to start their XR journey. To learn more about this offer, visit []


VIRNECT creates a better way to learn, work and communicate through XR. Its metaverse solution provides scalable and fast turnaround times with collaborative, end-to-end digital continuity solutions. VIRNECT has supported XR implementation in over 200 enterprises and government institutions, including LG Chemical, Samsung Electronics, KEPCO, and KAC.

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