Asia's post-Covid-19 e-commerce landscape according to DHL
Asia's post-Covid-19 e-commerce landscape according to DHL
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SINGAPORE, Feb. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The pandemic has vastly shifted consumer shopping habits online, contributing to a global e-commerce industry that is worth USD 3.3 trillion, but are these Covid-19 shopping habits and attitudes here to stay? In this article by DHL, we share insights on the future of Asia's E-commerce landscape.

Even as countries recover from Covid-19, many Asian consumers still prefer to work from home, and the popularity of working remotely directly impacts the growth of e-commerce in the region. This growth means that consumers are expecting faster deliveries, with value-added services, such as flexible pick-up, return, repair, and assembly options. Businesses need to raise the bar by providing personalized hybrid shopping experiences by merging online and offline channels. 

DHL has invested in automated, robotics-enabled micro fulfillment centers for greater efficiency and enhanced last-mile deliveries to support the long-term demand for these businesses. The future of Asia's complex e-commerce landscape lies in adapting to changing consumer behaviors and predicting tomorrow's new norms.

Read the article here: Has Covid-19 changed Asia's e-commerce landscape forever? | DHL Logistics of Things

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