HL Klemove Celebrates Opening of New Building, 'Next M' in Pangyo
HL Klemove Celebrates Opening of New Building, 'Next M' in Pangyo
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A Futuristic Building located at the center of Pangyo 2nd Techno Valley,

Next-M to be a Global HQ / State-of-the-Art R&D Center

 "New dreams will be achieved with the Best Talents in a Top-Notch Environment," said

Yoon Pal-Joo, CEO of HL Klemove.

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- HL Klemove, an affiliate of HL Group, specializing in autonomous driving solutions opened its new office building called 'Next-M' on December 1, 2022. The cube-shaped building located at the center of Pangyo 2nd Techno Valley, has 12 floors above and 5 floors below ground, with an area of 30,644 m2. The opening ceremony was attended by around 120 people including Chung Mong-Won, Chairman of HL Group, Kim Kwang-Heon, CEO of HL Holdings and Cho Seong-Hyeon, CEO of HL Mando.

Next-M serves as the headquarters of HL Klemove; it is a Business Center that oversees commercialization across North America, China, India and other locations and it is also a Global R&D Center. The company plans to grow and develop Next-M into an Autonomous Driving Mobility-Hub, along with various tech companies and mobility start-ups. Equipped with cutting-edge spaces and equipment for open innovation, Next-M provides the optimal environment for developing advanced autonomous driving technologies and products. It constitutes of state-of-the-art R&D infrastructure for autonomous driving including High-Precision Optical equipment for Lidar, Imaging Radar and Camera products as well as VR-based VIL(Vehicle-in-the-loop) equipment that uses SW and other equipment such as high-speed Ethernet Communication, High-Performance Autonomous Driving Integrated Controller Evaluator and more.

The exterior of the building is futuristically cube-shaped and upon entering the building, one is greeted by an open atrium. The new building opened under the slogan 'New Experiment Teams of Mobility' and it has 60 high-tech conference rooms as well as 41 private rooms that has smart functions. The 'Step Up Lounge,' a place connecting the third and fourth floors, will be used for Town Hall meetings for staff members and managements. The day of the opening ceremony for the new building, December 1st, was also the day when HL Klemove celebrated its first year anniversary, since it's spin-off from HL Mando.

Yoon Pal-Joo, CEO of HL Klemove said, "We will achieve new dreams with the best talents in a top-notch environment," adding, "By persistently striving for future mobility development, we will develop and grow Next-M to be the world-class cradle for cutting-edge technologies."

Meanwhile, HL Klemove has currently secured about 2,180 patents and provides autonomous driving solutions to world leading automobile manufacturers and EV start-ups. HL Klemove operates manufacturing plants in Songdo (Korea), Suzhou (China), and Chennai (India) and it is currently constructing a plant in Mexico as well. The company plans to complete the development of core products such as Lidar, 4D imaging radar, high-resolution camera, in-cabin sensor, and high-performance integrated autonomous driving domain controller, to be able to support a full autonomous driving system, by 2025.


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